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Third Wave Studios is a Montreal-based company that develops, produces and markets multimedia productions.

One of our specialties is training products focused on professional writing in the hi-tech industry. Our current line of products includes the ground-breaking workshop-on-a-DVD Documenting APIs and SDKs with Manuel Gordon. We also distribute the workbooks for other Gordon & Gordon workshops. In addition, we will also create custom productions as needed by clients.

Marc ProulxCompany founder and President Marc Proulx chose the name Third Wave Studios to recognize that the insights of Alvin Toffler continue to be realized every day.

Expanding upon Toffler's ideas, Proulx postulates that not only are we now in the “third wave” of civilization but the third wave of communication as well. The first wave being the oral tradition, originally based on story-telling around a campfire. The second was the widespread dissemination of the printed word, based on the invention of movable type (i.e. Gutenberg).

The third wave began with the introduction of the wired telegraph, the first medium that enabled people to instantly exchange information across vast distances. The Information Age foreseen by Toffler has now blossomed to offer the profound creative possibilities of multimedia production on the desktop.

The printed word and oral tradition are both very powerful mediums. By combining them together into DVD/workbook packages we believe it creates a learning synergy that uses the best of both mediums. The result is a way of learning that has the engaging nature and high memory retention qualities of story-telling and the quick reference handiness and large scale availability of a book.

Third Wave Studios is committed to high quality products and customer service. As such, we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products. We are pleased to report that no one has ever asked for their money back on one of our multimedia productions.

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May 7, 2009

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