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Just Enough Java: Workshop-on-a-DVD

You don't have to know everything about Java to work on an API written in that language.

You need to know just enough Java to decode source files and start writing, not just formatting.

Experience hours of illuminating advice from Manuel Gordon, a 25-year veteran writer-programmer who specializes in documenting SDKs.

Gain from the rich interaction that goes on in a live workshop... with none of the extra cost and headaches of getting there!

US$399.95 + $17 s&h

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to decode Java source files and make an educated guess about the purpose of each function. And you will be able to work with Java software developers to create useful documentation for a Software Development Kit (SDK).

What You Get in this Package

  • The entire 1-day workshop captured and professionally-edited down to 3 hours, 40 minutes of video, spanning 2 DVDs
  • Convenient, well-organized DVD interface which enables you to view the presentation continously OR jump to any particular slide and associated video clip
  • 173 page workbook (extra copies available at a discount), featuring:
    • 114 Powerpoint slides keyed to the video
    • 5 Exercises
    • Glossary of 150 programming terms
    • 10-page annotated bibliography of books related to technical communication
  • "Getting Started" booklet with training suggestions
  • Durable, attractive and convenient storage package

Who Can Benefit from this DVD

  • Technical Writers being asked to document SDKs written in Java
  • Writers or consultants wanting to break into the lucrative field of writing SDKs.
  • Writers with some previous exposure to computer programming (any language)
  • Managers looking to reduce employee training costs, without compromising quality
  • Training coordinators seeking useful resources for professional development
Whatever your role, this "workshop-on-a-DVD" offers you and your team all the rich interaction of a live workshop... with none of the cost and headaches of getting there.

What this Workshop Covers

This unique workshop-on-a-DVD covers the complete 1-day presentation, including these key topics:

A First Look at APIs

  • What is an API?
  • Who is the user of an API?
  • How javadoc tells you what you need to know
  • Classes and objects, methods and properties
  • Buzzword soup: methods, member functions, functions, properties
  • The user interface of a Java method
  • Documenting that user interface
  • Determining a method's name, purpose, parameters and return value
  • Our focus: converting source files to documentation
Just Enough Background
  • Programming languages and their origins
  • The Java 2 SDK
  • Java Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
  • Applets and applications
  • Origins of C#, .NET and Web services
  • Microsoft, Sun and the politics of programming languages
Just Enough Java Syntax
  • Methods (functions)
  • Types
  • Parameters
  • Return values
  • Signatures
  • Private and public
  • Bundling classes into packages
  • Java interfaces: the how and why
A Little Bit of C#
  • How Java and C# are very similar
  • The differences between Java and C#
  • How these differences affect documentation
  • Documentation generation programs for the Microsoft universe

Look at All the Benefits

Now you can experience this live workshop... in the comfort of your own home or office... using any computer or TV equipped with a DVD player.

Now you can watch and learn at your own convenience... on your own timetable... and review any material any time in the future, as often as you like.

Now you can avoid the cost of airfare, hotels, restaurants and taxis. Managers, you can upgrade the skills of your whole team for less than the cost of sending one person to a conference.

Plus, you can save time and avoid taking days out of your busy schedule for traveling to a training session.

To sum up, you gain comfort and convenience... stretch your budget... save time... and have a valuable training asset at your fingertips to use over and over again.

What People Say about this Workshop

"I'm excited by the fact that I can now READ and UNDERSTAND the code I spend most of the time cutting and pasting!"

"We have so much trouble finding tech writers who can read source files and document APIs! This course will be really, really good for the other two writers on my team."

"Love the exercises. I find this course is bringing everything together that I've been trying to learn on my own so far."

"Good tips for extracting important information from code and other sources."

"I have no programming background. Part of my job is to format the docs written by programmers. After this training, I am going to be able to write the doc by myself."

"Overall, the course was EXCELLENT. I have benefitted ENORMOUSLY and it will help me TREMENDOUSLY in my work. I think it has been one of the most useful courses I have taken. Thank you so very much."

Save on Workbooks for Everyone

To get the most from this workshop, we recommend that everyone viewing these DVDs has their own workbook. Additional workbooks are available to purchasers of this DVD at a big discount.

Upon completion of the DVD ordering process, your browser will jump to a page where you can order a workbook for everyone on your team at the following discounts:
  • 1 to 4 additional copies: US$35 each (that's 30% off!)
  • 5+ additional copies: US$25 each (that's 50% off!)
  • plus US$3 s&h each

Money-Back Guarantee

And remember, there's no risk: if you're not satisfied with this product, you can return it to us for a complete refund.

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Table of Contents

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Documenting APIs & SDKs

Just Enough Java

Need to document an
API written in Java?

The Documenting APIs and SDKs: Workshop-on-a-DVD will give you the knowledge and tools to create useful documentation for a Software Development Kit (SDK).

And, the Just Enough Java: Workshop-on-a-DVD will teach you to understand Java source files well enough to begin using your new API documentation skills quickly and efficiently.

Together they are an unbeatable combination.

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